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Strategies for Successful Writing A Rhetoric, Research Guide, Readrer and Handbook

Author: James A. Reinking and Robert von der Osten
Publisher: Pearson Education Inc.
Publish Date: Sunday 2nd December, 2007
ISBN: 0132320282
Edition: EIGHTH
Price: GHc18.00
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The eighth edition of Strategies for Successful  Writing: A Rhetoric, Research Guide, Reader and Handbook is a comprehensive textbook that offers ample material for a full-year composition course.Instructors teaching a one year course can make selections from chapters 1-17, from whatever types of specialised writing suit the needs of their students, and fromappropriate essays in the Reader.

Chapter 1       Writing

 Chapter 2     Strategies for Successful Reading

 Chapter 3     Planning

 Chapter 4     Revising

 Chapter 5      Naration; Relating

 Chapter 6       Description: Presenting

 Chapter 7        Process Analysis; Explaning How

 Chapter 8        Illustration; Making Yourself Clear

 Chapte r9        Classification; Grouping Into Categories

 Chapter10       Comparison;Showing Relationships

 Chapter 11      Cause and Effect;Explaining Why

 Chapeter12     Definition; Establishing Boundaries

 Chapter13        Argument; Convincing Others

 Chapter 14       Mixing the Writing Strategies

 Chapters15       Paragraphs

 Chapter 16         Effective Sentences

 Chapter 17        Diction,Tone, Style

 Chapter18         The Essay

 Chapter 19        Writing  About Literature

 Chapter 20       Bussiness Letters Memos, and Resumes

 Chapter 21        The Reseach Paper

 Chapter 22       Documentating Sources

 Chapter23         Addititonal Research Strategies; Interviews,

                           Questionnaires, Direct Observation