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Author: J.E. Ankrah Quarco and E. Harrison Nuertey
Publisher: Approacher's Series
Publish Date: Tuesday 22nd July, 2008
ISBN: 998882291X
Edition: CURRENT
Price: GHc12.00
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Approacher's Series Senior High School Core Mathematics (First Published in 1996) has been revised to meet the entire current West African Senior Secondary School Syllabus. It has the following features: Systematic treatment of various topics, background notes,worked examples and numerous exercises after each topic.

Chapter 1.   Sets and Operations

Chapter 2.    Real number system

Chapter 3.    Algebraic Expression

Chapter 4.    Number Bases

Chapter 5.    Plane Geometry 1

Chapter 6.    Linear Equations and Inequalities

Chapter 7.    Relations and Functions

Chapter 8.     Vectors in a Plane

Chapter 9.     Simultaneous linear equations

Chapter 10.   Rigid Motion 1

Chapter 11.   Statistics 1

Chapter 12.   Ratio and Rates

Chapter 13.  Percentages 1

Chapter 14.  Modular Arithematic

Chapter 15.   Indices and Logarithms

Chapter 16.   Surds

Chapter 17.    Percentages II

Chapter 18.    Variations

Chapter 19.     Quadratric Functions and Equations

Chapter 20.     Plane Geometry II

Chapter 21.     Mensuration I

Chapter 22.     Trigonometry I

Chapter 23.      Probability

Chapter 24.      Sequences and Series

Chapter 25.      Bearings

Chapter 26.       Construction

Chapter 27.       StatisticsII

Chapter 28.        Intrepretation of Linear and Quadratic Graphs

Chapter 29.      Mensuration II

Chapter 30.     Logical Reasoning

Chapter 31.     Percentages III

Chapter 32.     Rigid Motion II and Enlargement

Chapter 33.     Trigonometry II