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Oil Field Chemicals

Author: Johannes Karl Fink
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
Publish Date: Sunday 16th February, 2003
ISBN: 0750677031
Edition: CURRENT
Price: GHc20.00
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Oil Field Chemicals contains valuable information to assit the engineer in increasing the amount of crude oil that comes out of the ground and to enhance the quality of that product.It is a valuable reference for the drilling or reservoir engineer, on the desktop or at the rig.The material presented here is a comprehensive compilation of chemicals and their uses in the oil field.The author comprised this useful guide from years of experience and screening over 20,000 references.The topics covered include the chemicals and processes used in drilling and production.

CHAPTER 1    Drilling Muds

CHAPTER 2    Fluid Loss Additives

CHAPTER 3     Clay Stabilization

CHAPTER 4      Bit Lubricants

CHAPTER 5      Bacteria Control

CHAPTER 6     Corrosion Inhibitors

CHAPTER 7     Scale Inhibitors

CHAPTER 8     Gelling Agents

CHAPTER 9     Filter-Cake Removal

CHAPTER 10   Cement Additives

CHAPTER 11   Transport

CHAPTER 12   Drag Reducers

CHAPTER 13   Gas Hydrates Control

CHAPTER 14   Antifreeze Agents

CHAPTER 15   Odorization

CHAPTER 16  Enhanced Oil Recovery

CHAPTER 17   Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

CHAPTER 18    Water Shutoff

CHAPTER 19    Oil  Spill-Treating Agents

CHAPTER 20    Dispersants

CHAPTER 21    Defoamers

CHAPTER 22     Demulsifiers