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Gas Well Testing Handbook

Author: Amanat U.Chaudhry
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
Publish Date: Sunday 16th February, 2003
ISBN: 0750677058
Edition: CURRENT
Price: GHc25.00
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Gas Well Testing Handbook deals exclusively with the theory and practice of gas well testing,including pressure transient analysis techniques,analytical methods required to interpret well behavior,evaluating reservior quality,resevior simulation,and production forecasts.A highly practical volume,this book is written for drilling engineers,well logging engineers,reservior engineers,engineering students,geologists,and geophysicists.

CHAPTER 1 Introduction

CHAPTER 2 Application of Fluid Flow Equations to Gas Systems

CHAPTER 3  Well Testing Techniques in Horizontal Gas Wells

CHAPTER 4  Deliverability Testing and Well Production Potential Analysis Methods

CHAPTER 5  Fundamentals of Drawdown Test Analysis Methods

CHAPTER 6   Fundamentals of Pressure Buildup Analysis Methods

CHAPTER 7    Predicting Future Deliverability Using Empirical Relationships

CHAPTER 8   Application of Type Curve Matching Techniques

CHAPTER 9   Pressure Derivative Method of Analysis

CHAPTER 10  Massive Hydraulic Fractured Gas Well Behavior Analysis

CHAPTER 11  Fractured Gas Well Behavior Analysis Using Bilinear Flow Theory

CHAPTER 12  Practical Application of Interference and Pulse Tests

CHAPTER 13  Well Testing Terminology in Multilayered Reservior Systems

CHAPTER 14  Pressure Behavior Analysis in Heterogeneous Reservior Systems

CHAPTER 15  Gas Well Testing Field Case Studies

CHAPTER 16  Application of Decline Curve Analysis Methods

CHAPTER 17  Overall Skin Effects and Impact on Gas Well Performance

CHAPTER 18   Selection of Gas Wells for Production Stimulation

CHAPTER 19    Design Criteria of Flow and Pressure Transient Tests