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Browse`s Introduction to the Symptoms and Signs of Surgical Disease

Author: Norman L.Browse, John Black, Kevin G.Burnand and William E. Thomas
Publisher: BOOKPOWER
Publish Date: Thursday 5th May, 2005
ISBN: 9780340815809
Edition: FOURTH
Price: GHc25.00
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This book is essential reading for all medical students and candidates for postgraguate surgical exams. It is a ward-round teaching book aimed directly at the individual student.

  1. History taking and clinical examination

  2. The symptoms,signs and emergency management of major injuries

  3. The skin and subcutaneous tissues

  4. Muscles,tendons,bones and joints

  5. Conditions peculiar to the hands

  6. Coditions peculiar to the feet

  7. The arteries ,veins and lymphatics

  8. General and facial appearance

  9. The salivary glands

  10. The mouth

  11. The neck

  12. The breast

  13. The external genitalia

  14. The abdominal wall,herniae and the umbilicus

  15. The abdomen

  16. The kidneys,urinary tract and prostate

  17. The rectum and anal canal